Christmas at Gravesend

A Christmas short story featuring Sybil Ingram and Clara Graves

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Intrepid Victorian sleuth and medium Sybil Ingram is reunited with an old friend in this slightly spooky Christmas short story. Plus: a bonus Sybil Ingram story is included!

In December 1873, Sybil’s former dressmaker, Clara Graves–now a baroness–invites Sybil and her husband to celebrate Christmas at Gravesend Hall, notorious for being cursed. Anxious for her old friend, Sybil is quick to accept—but less quick to accept Clara’s insistence that nothing is wrong. Sure enough, once the manor is snowbound with the revelers inside, there are cries in the night and tales of eerie phantom ladies walking the halls. But though Sybil is ready to come to grips with a ghost, not all is as it seems…and Christmas at Gravesend proves to warm the heart as much as it chills the blood.

Bonus short story: In “When Soft Voices Die,” Sybil encounters an unusual ghost in a Hudson River Valley home just after the events of Nocturne for a Widow.

Note: “Christmas at Gravesend” is available only as an ebook.

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