On Shadowed Wings

A season of choices. A night of magic.

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In this YA short story, teenager Gail Emerson is about to graduate from high school–but where will she go from there? If her boyfriend Darryl has his way, she’ll follow him to college in California. But part of her thinks she should stay in North Carolina for the sake of the lonely little girl she babysits, Joy Sumner, who is struggling with the loss of her mother and her grieving father’s remoteness. Things get even more complicated when a cute college guy named Jim comes into Gail’s life on a quest for a mysterious butterfly phenomenon.

On the magical night of the Beltane Dance, when the veil between the natural and supernatural worlds is lifted, Gail teams up with Jim to confront a crisis—and discovers that when love and magic intertwine, making the biggest decisions can actually be as simple as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings.

Note: Athough “On Shadowed Wings” is a prequel to the Ash Grove novels, it can stand alone–so readers don’t have to be familiar with the Ash Grove series of YA paranormal romances in order to enjoy it.


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