Blood Lines Texts on the Web

When I was writ­ing Blood Lines as a grad­u­ate stu­dent, I had to go to a lot of trou­ble to get my hands on some of the orig­i­nal texts I was study­ing. Inter­li­brary loan became my best friend. Now, I am delight­ed to find that all of these texts are avail­able online. For those who would like to read them, whether to enhance the expe­ri­ence of read­ing Blood Lines or just for fun, I’ve includ­ed links below. Over time I plan to add ebook ver­sions of many of these for down­load, so stay tuned.

H.B. Mar­riott Wat­son, “The Stone Cham­ber”

Théophile Gau­ti­er, “Cla­ri­monde”

J. Sheri­dan LeFanu, “Carmil­la”

Eric, Count Sten­bock, “The True Sto­ry of a Vam­pire”

Johann Lud­wig Tieck, “Wake Not the Dead”

Mary Eliz­a­beth Brad­don, “Good Lady Ducayne”

Goethe, “The Bride of Corinth”

Samuel Tay­lor Coleridge, “Christa­bel”

John Keats, Lamia

John Poli­dori, The Vampyre

Bram Stok­er, Drac­u­la

Eliza Lynn Lin­ton, “The Fate of Madame Cabanel”

Vio­let Hunt, “The Prayer”

Hen­ry Lid­dell, “The Vam­pire Bride”

E.T.A. Hoff­mann, “Aure­lia”

Mary Wilkins Free­man, “Luel­la Miller”

James Mal­colm Rymer (also attrib­uted to Thomas Pres­kett Prest), Var­ney the Vampyre

Julian Hawthorne, “Ken’s Mys­tery”:  read online   epub for down­load