(Please imagine the following narrated by Alfred Hitchcock.) Welcome, friends and readers, to my website. Here you’ll find the latest information about my various writing projects, as well as related material, like book soundtracks, because why not?

Under “My Books,” you’ll find information about my gothic romance Sea of Secretsthe first of what I hope will be many ebook releases—as well as upcoming works and projects currently in progress. Publishing my first ebook has been an adventure, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more hair-raising tales to post here as I venture further into that realm.

Those who enjoy vampires of the pre-sparkly era can look into “Other Diversions: Blood Lines Texts” for links to the 19th-century fiction and poetry that inspired my nonfiction volume Blood Lines, soon to make its ebook debut. Over the coming months I’ll be adding ebook versions of many of these works for your downloading convenience.

And movie buffs, have a look at my DVD Verdict reviews.

I’m looking forward to adding lots of content of various kinds to the site—mostly, but not exclusively, writing oriented. Do you have requests? Please email me if there is something you’d like me to post. Compliments? Definitely email me.

Thank you for visiting, and for even more writerly goings-on be sure to like my “Author Amanda DeWees” Facebook page. Au revoir…

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