That’s what it feels like after the revising/uploading kerfuffle of the past few days. Sea of Secrets is once again available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook, and right now is listed as number 7 in gothic romance books, which deserves an exclamation point! I’ve asked Amazon to make the new ebook edition available as an update to those who purchased the first version, but the changes don’t affect the novel itself, aside from a few apostrophes. Rather, the afterword has some revisions, and there are now a few review excerpts, plus live hyperlinks to this site, to my Facebook page, and to Miss Ruby’s splendid review at Sweet Rocket.

Don’t forget to tell your friends that the Sea of Secrets ebook will be available for a mere 99 cents on May 19 and 20! It’ll be the perfect opportunity for anyone who’s been uncertain about investing the full $2.99… which, if you ask me, is still a bargain, but naturally I’m a bit biased. 😉

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