The last week has been a whirlwind of writerly excitement. Sea of Secrets received a thrilling review from Sweet Rocket’s Miss Ruby Jones, who has now posted a lovely author profile about me. Miss Ruby is a gifted writer and an expert on the gothic romance genre, and I feel truly privileged that she’s chosen to write about me and my novel. I’m sure it’s thanks in part to her spirited championing of Sea of Secrets that it has now risen to #8 in Amazon’s gothic romance book category!

Behind the scenes, I’ve been working on revisions to Shadow of the Rose. An exciting writing workshop presentation by the award-winning author Anna DeStefano has given me some great insight into how to clarify and strengthen my characters’ emotional arcs. This should also help me as I outline book three of the Ash Grove trilogy, which will take place in multiple realities and will thus need all the clarity I can bring to it!

In the wider world of writing, there’s an exciting new development in self-publishing, as a number of established romance writers have joined up to create a brand that guarantees quality. As readers are faced with ever more choices, it’s a great idea to find a way to set oneself apart. (On a fun side note, the top cover image shown in that article is by Hot Damn Designs, who created the gorgeous cover for Sea of Secrets. And if you like my cover, make sure to check out my Facebook author page to learn how to vote for it!)

I’ve just about used up my quota of exclamation points, but it’s been that great a week. Please check out the wonderful posts by Miss Ruby–and share them with your book-loving friends!


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